Vision Assessment

Vision Test

This on-screen test provides an estimate of your vision and will help assist in determining your current eye status. This task requires your computer screen or smartphone. Follow the simple instructions below.

  • Do the test with your glasses or contact lenses on.
  • Adjust your screen brightness to its maximum (100%)
  • Center the EYE CHART on your screen
  • Stand 4 feet (or 1.2 m) away from your screen
  • Cover one eye with your hand, and read to the smallest letters you can see
  • Do this without leaning forward or squinting
  • Record the blue number seen beside the smallest row of letters correctly identified from 4 feet (Note: a couple of mistakes per line is acceptable) in the form below the EYE CHART
  • After clicking submit, you will be redirected to your video consult

Record your vision below: