Our Doctor

Dr Jeff Sciberras

About Dr. Jeff Sciberras

Dr. Jeff Sciberras graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Optometry Doctorate in 1999.  While attending McGill University as an undergraduate he earned the distinction of Canada Scholar.

Dr. Sciberras completed his residency at the prestigious Barnett-Dulaney Eye Hospital in Arizona. He helped serve underprivileged areas in Jamaica and in Mexico with I Care International.  Dr. Sciberras has a special interest in pediatric optometry, because he knows how important vision is to a child’s ability to learn, and low vision, due to his desire to help those that have experienced vision loss.  We were recently awarded Top Rated Pediatric Optometrist in Mississauga for 2019 by ThreeBestRated.ca and Top Choice Optometry Clinic in Mississauga for 2019 and the 2019 Top Rated Optometrist in Mississauga.  

He is licensed in the use of topical therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of eye diseases, including glaucoma, keratitis, conjuctivitis, iritis, allergy and dry eye.

Dr. Sciberras will personally attend to each patient in the proper selection and fitting of eye wear to ensure ultimate patient satisfaction with their vision correction.

From the inception of his clinic in 2007, Dr. Sciberras’ aim has been to provide the highest quality of comprehensive eye care, with a desire to utilize leading medical technologies and delivery of quality eye care products.  The clinic has recently invested in a new auto-refractor that doubles to take eye pressure readings, without the use of stinging eye drops or dye (patients have a choice in how their intra-ocular pressure is measured).

His passions outside of his work include current events, sports, fashion and family.