Online Eye Consults: What You Need to Know

Online Eye Consults: What You Need to Know

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With the changing social landscape, Dr. Sciberras now provides consultation services online through video technology. The concept of getting an eye health consultation online is rather new, so we have prepared this article to explain how Dr. Sciberras provides online eye consults and the process involved. It’s simple and right for the times.

Registration and Consent  

An online eye exam consultation begins with some of the same procedures that you would expect when visiting the clinic. First, we begin by completing a short registration form and submitting it electronically through our website. It is important that you list any medications, allergies, and any other information related to your eye and general health. You will then submit a signed consent form regarding the provision of tele-optometry services. Again, you submit it electronically. 

Visual Acuity Test  

Before beginning your live consult with Dr. Sciberras, you will have your vision measured using a modified vision chart.  The chart will be displayed on your computer screen, and should be viewed from a distance of 4 feet. If you wear contacts or glasses for distance sight, they should be worn while taking the vision test. Just like at the optometrist’s office, you will attempt to read letters as they get successfully smaller. These measures get recorded and emailed to the eye care professional for review. Avoid leaning forward or squinting while trying to read the letters and it is important to guess at letters you are unsure of as far down the chart as possible.

Secure Platform and Payment

Another important point: when you are in front of your screen camera, lighting should be bright so that the doctor can easily see you and the whites of your eyes. Dr. Sciberras uses the platform, which is a secure platform, and will not be recorded, but the doctor will keep physical notes of the encounter for proper record keeping. At this time, OHIP does not cover fees associated with the provision of this service.  Fees are tiered based on new or existing patient status and are processed directly through the platform.

Case History 

After submitting the short registration form, consent form, and the vision test results, you will then proceed to begin your live online consultation with the optometrist. You should be prepared to answer some of the following questions:       

  • Is your eye(s) in pain?
  • When did your symptoms begin?
  • Have you noticed a change in your vision?
  • Are the symptoms getting better or worse?
  • Is this your first occurrence, or is this a recurring problem?
  • Are you treating the condition in any way? How? Is it helping?

Treatment Plan

During the consultation, a treatment plan will be devised and explained, any required prescriptions drafted and emailed to you. If further monitoring is required, it will be arranged at this time. In my professional opinion, online consultations can help reduce unnecessary visits to the ER and will be valuable in monitoring certain eye conditions and contact lens trials. There is a place for tele-optometry, especially now, but video consultations should not be considered a replacement for an in-person comprehensive oculo-visual assessment with your eye care professional.

Online consult registration is quick and simple, and we are flexible in our scheduling to fit your needs. Check out our online video consults page to learn more.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.