New Tool to Treat Dry Eye, Styes & Chalazion

New Tool to Treat Dry Eye, Styes & Chalazion

Hot Compresses

I would like to discuss our new HYDRATING COMPRESS – a convenient, natural way to relieve dry eye, styes, chalazions and blepharitis. Simply microwave the special microbead-containing compress for about 30 seconds, then apply to closed eyes for 10 minutes. The moist heat released from the compress helps unplug oil glands and follicles. This frees the oil in the glands to move onto the eyes, thereby reducing tear evaporation. There is no water, no waiting and no mess. With oil gland secretion back to normal, eyes remain naturally lubricated. Regular use can help dryness from reoccurring.

The EYE HYDRATING COMPRESS is also excellent in treating styes and chalazions by clearing follicles and meibomian glands that have become clogged from thickened oil, debris or bacteria.

They are hypo-allergenic, washable and effective. They can also be stored in a freezer to serve as a cold relief compress.

Learn more about blepharitis and lid conditions with these animated infographics. BEGIN