Low Vision Aids

What are Low Vision Aids?

Low Vision

Vision AidsLow Vision Aids are special lens systems designed to magnify and/or illuminate images to help maximize a person’s remaining visual function.

Vision Aids may take the form of various optical products, such as magnifiers, telescopes, high-powered spectacles, absorptive filters or electronic devices.

An illuminated stand magnifier helps the user accomplish extended reading tasks.Binoculars help with near tasks like reading or with distance tasks such as watching T.V.

Vision AidsIn addition, there are a number of non-optical vision aids and these include large-print reading materials, writing and signature guides, and computer enlarging programs among others.

What can I expect from the Low Vision Care I receive?

Typically, Low Vision Care is an ongoing service in which an eye care professional works with the individual with visual impairment over time to allow them to meet their vision and lifestyle goals. An initial Low Vision Evaluation may take approximately 45 minutes, but additional follow-up visits of 20 minutes may be needed until all of the visual goals have been satisfied. One thing that should be kept in mind is that Low Vision Care will not restore lost sight. Instead, this care assists the visually impaired in maximizing their remaining vision. Learn more about having low vision and what a low vision assessment is, by clicking here.