Preparing For Your Eye Exam

Come Prepared For Your Visit

In the interest of safety and to make efficient use of your exam time, please read the following:

  • new patients should register in advance using this Registration Form
  • allow 60 minutes in your schedule for your appointment
  • arrive 10 minutes before your exam time to allow for parking and pretesting
  • please bring one family member if necessary when: the patient is a minor, language barriers exist, or if the patient requires physical assistance
  • bring any eyeglasses you use or were last prescribed to your appointment
  • if you use contact lenses, bring any relevant info with you
  • bring a list of all your current medications and vitamins
  • if you have a doctor’s referral, please advise the staff at the time of booking and provide an email copy of the referral
  • patients with a diagnosis of diabetes need to provide proof in the form of their medications or a referral letter from their doctor prior to their first appointment
  • if you require any forms filled, please email them at the time of booking your appointment
  • check your vision insurance prior to your visit. Any services or products not covered by third-party insurers are the responsibility of the patient at the time of their visit
  • we can direct bill in most cases, but sometimes payments are made directly to the patient, so the patient will be responsible for any fees for services rendered at the time of your appointment; a minimum 50% deposit is required for all products and 100% payment for services rendered
  • eyeglasses and customized contact lenses cannot be canceled once ordered
  • bring a list of questions/concerns and present them at the start of your exam
  • if you are interested in contact lenses, laser eye surgery, or any other special considerations, please bring this to the attention of our staff at the time of booking
  • 24-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. A $60 fee applies if this criterion is not met.
  • Free Parking is available on weekends and weekdays after 4 pm
  • all office visits are by appointment only
  • we offer digital retinal imaging to aid in the evaluation and monitoring of retinal and optic nerve health
  • we now offer advanced testing, including OCT of the cornea, optic nerve head and macula, axial length measurement, AI-assisted retinal diagnosis, and virtual visual field assessment –  applicable fees will be advised at the time of your exam on a case-by-case basis

Our Digital Retinal Imaging system provides clear, true-color photography of the retina and optic nerve. Some of the benefits of using retinal imaging are:

  • easily demonstrate a healthy eye or detect disorders
  • affords the doctor a more sophisticated, confident perspective than he/she could get by other means
  • the chance for you to view and discuss image findings with the doctor at the time of examination
  • high-resolution and wide view of important retinal features allowing for a more comfortable patient exam
  • less bright light will be required to examine your eye
  • a permanent record for your file, allowing the eye care professional the ability to view and compare images each year to detect subtle structure changes
  • our camera can image through cataracts, making diagnosis more accurate
  • image copies are emailed to you for your own records

OCT, part of an ADVANCED EYE EXAM, maps details of the different structures of the eye. It helps establish a baseline and can detect early stages of disease when treatment is most effective. Dr. Sciberras is very excited to offer this device and uses Altris AI-assisted diagnosis, one of the first eye care professionals in Canada to do so. We recommend an OCT of the macula and optic nerve on your first or next visit.

OCT topography allows mapping of the cornea’s shape, which is often needed for fitting specialty contact lenses, refractive surgery, and myopia management.

Please request ADVANCED EYE EXAM if you want OCT scans as part of your next eye health assessment.

At the time of your exam, it may be required to conduct a dilated retinal exam. This means your pupils will be dilated and you will experience blurred vision and light sensitivity for up to 3 hours after your exam. Having a pair of sunglasses or a driver is advisable in these circumstances. If this is not possible, a second visit may be required to complete all testing – fees may apply.

Patients most likely to require same-day dilation include patients with diabetes, seniors, patients with very small pupils, lazy eye, those with high myopia or nearsightedness, retinal disease, optic nerve disease, patients complaining of sudden vision loss, flashes, and/or floaters, etc.

We look forward to serving all of your eye care needs. Please note we offer many of the treatments we prescribe. This is for your convenience, to ensure the quality of care you receive, and to aid in treatment compliance. To learn about our eye care products, please click here.

You can now browse our frame selection prior to your visit using our Virtual Try-On.


If it is your first visit to the office, please remember to submit your online registration form for early doctor review: PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM. Book your next eye exam here.

Your vision matters to us.