Your Source For The Best Eyeglasses In Mississauga


As you know, shopping for eyeglasses can be a daunting experience. Next to being aesthetically pleasing, your glasses must feel comfortable, withstand daily use and properly accommodate your prescription. It’s true to say that eyeglasses are an extension of yourself.

So how do you find the perfect eyeglasses in Mississauga? Consult a local, trusted eye care professional who has your best interests at heart.

As Mississauga’s most trusted optometrist, Dr. Jeff Sciberras has the unique ability to pair your vision with high quality, fashionable glasses using these steps:

  • First, Dr. Sciberras listens to your requests for your ideal frames: Do you prefer a particular color? Do you value lightweight frames? Etc.
  • After understanding your requests, he suggests frames that match your preferences and unique facial geometry, which ensure a comfortable, perfect fit. Dr. Sciberras keeps your prescription in mind and how you’ll be using glasses on a daily basis.
  • He will adjust the frames so that they precisely fit you – this is done before finalizing your order.
  • After inserting the lenses into the frames, he verifies the final product to ensure they’re made according to his and your satisfaction.
  • At delivery, the frames are adjusted once more and Dr. Sciberras will ensure you know what to expect with your new eyewear.

Our Philosophy In Eyewear:

Dr. Sciberras follows a “dispensing” philosophy: to provide the best-looking, most comfortable eyewear, with the patient’s vision in the forefront of his mind.

Dr. Sciberras stakes his professional reputation with each pair of eyeglasses he dispenses. This is why he promises to provide genuine recommendations for your frames and lenses, including prescription eyewear, reading glasses and sunglasses.

Since Dr. Sciberras is aware of your visual needs and the status of your eye health, he’s the perfect source for finding your next pair of glasses.

If you need additional features, such as anti-glare coating, UV filters or tints, Dr. Sciberras will recommend them; our office will not promote any features for financial incentive. Dr. Sciberras does not up-sell add-ons for profit; you will only be charged the laboratory cost – guaranteed.

Frame and Lens Brands We Carry:


Every eyeglass purchase from Dr. Sciberras comes with: a manufacturer’s warranty, frame case, lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth.

Frame adjustments are complimentary for the life of your frames. Preview Dr. Sciberras’ selection of frames here.

Excited to discover your perfect pair of eyeglasses? Book your appointment online with Dr. Sciberras, or visit his Mississauga office (2000 Credit Valley Road, Suite 105) for the best-looking, most comfortable eyewear to improve your vision and look.