Eye Health & Vision Exams in Mississauga

Did you know your eyes and vision should be routinely examined, even in the absence of symptoms? This applies to both children and adults. 20/20 vision does not guarantee healthy eyes. It is recommended adults have their eye exams every 1 to 2 years; infants starting at 6 months, then yearly from age 3; and those 60+ and with diabetes on a yearly basis.

According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, some 250,000 Canadians have glaucoma. 50% of these individuals are unaware they have the sight-threatening disease. This is one reason routine eye examinations are crucial for the prevention, early detection, and timely treatment of eye disease and disorders such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, keratoconus, dry eye, myopia, and macular degeneration. To learn about common eye conditions and their treatment, click here.

Comprehensive Eye Exams, Quality Vision Correction

Dr. Sciberras strives to provide all of his patients with the highest quality of comprehensive eye care. He wants you to experience clear, comfortable vision. He wants you to be aware of all the vision correction and treatment options available to you.

Here are a few things you should know:

Dr. Sciberras’ goal is to educate his patients on their current eye condition, treatment options, and methods to prolong healthy, comfortable sight. If you need a referral for further testing or treatment, Dr. Sciberras will refer you to the appropriate specialist promptly. If questions arise after your consultation with Dr. Sciberras, email him directly at jeff@yourvision.ca. We will promptly reply with the information needed.

Our Digital Retinal Imaging System provides clear, true-color photography of the retina and optic nerve. Some of the benefits of using retinal imaging are:

  • easily demonstrate a healthy eye or assist in disease detection
  • affords the doctor a more sophisticated, confident perspective than he/she could get by other means
  • the chance for you to view and discuss image findings at the time of examination
  • high-resolution, wide view of important retinal structures allows for a more comfortable patient experience
  • less bright light required to examine your eye
  • a permanent record for your file, allowing the eye care professional the ability to compare images each year to detect subtle structure changes
  • our camera can image through cataracts, making diagnosis more accurate
  • image copies will be emailed to you for your own records

As we aim to provide the latest in technology, we have recently invested in OCT and virtual visual field testing.  An OCT offers detailed scans of the retina and optic nerve, resulting in earlier diagnosis and therefore treatment of disease. It is important to establish a baseline early in your care.  When booking your next appointment, please specify OCT for ADVANCED EYE EXAMINATION

Dr. Sciberras and his eye care staff look forward to serving all of your eye care and vision needs.  Your vision matters to us.

Children’s Eye Exams

When it comes to children’s eye exams, we modify our approach to the age and competency of the child. No need to worry if your child is fidgety, doesn’t know his/her alphabet or even he or she is not yet verbalizing. Exam results are explained, a what-to-expect as your child grows is discussed and all treatment options are made available.

We offer myopia control therapy in addition to children’s frame fittings and contact lens training. To learn more about children’s vision and its importance to learning, click here

Call us at (905) 828-2282 to speak to one of our friendly staff. We are here to help.

To learn how to get the most from your eye exam, please read: “How to Prepare For Your Eye Exam.”

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