Eye Care Products

Eye Care Products

We are constantly looking for products that offer our patients the latest in research and value. Here is a list of some of the products we stock for the treatment of various eye conditions or lens care:

i-LID ‘n LASH PLUS lid wipes are a gentle, preservative-free eyelid cleanser designed for use as an eyelid hygiene treatment when blepharitis, Demodex or meibomian gland dysfunction (or meibomitis) has been diagnosed. Its gentle antimicrobial formula creates a micro-bubble foam that can remove bacteria, cosmetics, accumulated oils and other tear film debris from the eyelid and lash areas.

Lens Cleaner:  Our new and improved lens cleaner is provided with all frame purchases. The unique biotechnology formula removes dirt and oil through enzymatic hydrolysis and can also remove residue lodged in the hinges of glasses. The biodegradable solution is safe to use on all optical lenses. It is hypo-allergenic, perfume and alcohol-free.  We are proud to offer this environmentally safe, Canadian-made product. Bottled in recycled materials.

i-DROP Pur Gel 

  • Preservative-free
  • Immediate and longer-lasting relief
  • Superior moisturizing and lubrication
  • Non-blurring upon application
  • Lower therapy costs due to the need for fewer applications
  • The Viscoadaptive property of i-DROP PUR GEL contains 0.3% hyaluronic acid with added glycerin. This formulation allows the drops to move back and forth across the surface of the eye with every blink, thus allowing for longer lasting relief.
  • It offers higher hydration while stabilizing the lipid layer of the tear film, resulting in superior eye comfort.

CLEAR CARE is the #1 doctor recommended hydrogen peroxide solution. The exclusive Triple Action Cleaning formula and special case (with a platinum disc) provide patients with even the most sensitive eyes a pristine clean lens.  The disinfecting power of hydrogen peroxide is unsurpassed, and this product contains no added preservatives. Minimum 6 hour storage time required. 

Read special manufacturer instructions prior to first use. 

Liposic is a highly viscous, clear gel that soothes/heals moderate to severe dry  eye. It is the only gel that replicates all three layers of the  tear film.  It may also    be prescribed for patient’s suffering from nocturnal lagophthalmos, a recently traumatized eye, anterior basement membrane dystrophy or recurrent corneal erosions.

Eye Heating Compress is a natural way to relieve dry eyes and treat styes and chalazions. It is a washable, hypo-allergenic heating mask that improves oil gland secretion from the meibomian glands of the eyelid.  There repeated use can improve tear quantity and stability, reducing dry eye and its inflammation. Micro-beads within the mask store and release heat in an effective, clean manner to soothe dry, inflamed eyes and improve lipid tear secretion.

Systane Complete is made up of tiny, nano-sized oil droplets which combined with key ingredients, form a matrix of protection and deliver soothing moisture across the eye surface. This enhanced network of coverage provides prolonged hydration and lasting protection for optimal dry eye relief.

Biotrue Multi-purpose Solution for all soft contact lenses. It forms a protective barrier around the lens to resist deposits thereby maintaining lens comfort and clear vision thru the day.  It cleans, disinfects, cushions and rehydrates lenses for all day comfort.    

PreserVision AREDS 2 Formula builds on the original formula, with lutein and zeaxanthin replacing beta-carotene. This improved formula is based on evidence from the NEI’s Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2. This multivitamin is useful in treating moderate to severe macular degeneration or simply   as an ocular health supplement.

We are an authorized Candorvision dealer. Hylo Dual, an anti-allergy lubricant, is both preservative-free and safe for children to use.

Our premium Omega-3 supplement is clinically proven to provide dry eye relief. Most easily absorbed Omega-3 form in the proper amount and ratio of EPA/DHA.  One teaspoon delivers 2.24 grams of EPA/DHA Omega-3 and is Vitamin D3 enriched.