Dr. Jeff Sciberras’ Amazing Transitions Lens Offer

Dr. Jeff Sciberras’ Amazing Transitions Lens Offer

The Need for UV Protection

LIGHT REACTIVE LENSES, also known as Photochromic lenses, adjust to changing UV light exposure by darkening in bright sunlight outdoors and fading back to clear indoors, ensuring maximum visual comfort in all circumstances. They protect the eyes by absorbing harmful UV light, which is known to contribute to: cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid tumors, pinguecula and pterygium formation.


Sensity photochromic lenses by HOYA are light-reactive lenses equipped with Stabilight Technology, taking photochromic lenses to a new level of performance. Stabilight Technology ensures Sensity lenses perform consistently in all climates, seasons and lighting conditions. Not only do they darken faster than ever before, but they also fade back to clear as soon as the ambient light intensity diminishes. They are also faster to transition to clear in colder temperatures. As a result, Sensity lenses provides the highest user convenience, comfort and protection.


Bright sunlight and blinding glare can often cause significant problems for drivers on the road. A low sun, such as occurs near day break and dusk, and wet roads result in difficult driving conditions, making traditional sunglass solutions less than optimal. By offering a combination of Polarization and Photochromic technologies, DriveWear offers protection from glare and therefore provides high contrast vision. The result – less visual stress and fatigue when behind the wheel.

Polarized lenses are ideal for individuals with a dynamic lifestyle, play outdoor sports, enjoy water activities or drive long distances.

Why Choose Polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses neutralize the brightness of sunlight, specifically, reflected light from horizontal surfaces such as the pavement or your car’s hood, ensuring visual comfort and improving contrast. Hoya’s Polarized lenses also provide optimal UVA and UVB protection, clear color perception and contrast-rich vision.

The Ideal Outdoor Lens From the Best Material
Hoya’s Polarized lenses feature several benefits compared to regular sunglasses:

  • Eliminate excessive brightness and glare – visual fatigue is minimized
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Vision is noticeably richer in contrast (i.e. more distinct vision)
  • Ideal for people with light sensitivity

Sensity Lens Coatings

EX3 is a scratch-resistant and durable anti-reflection coating that outperforms the scratch resistance of glass. Hoya’s EX3 combines new and unrivalled materials, resulting in extreme scratch resistance, extreme reflection resistance and extremely clear vision. With a dedicated focus on the overall composition, EX3 delivers unmatched durability and reliability in a premium anti-reflection coating.

RECHARGE is also a premium lens coating designed to protect your eyes from damaging blue light, allowing you to enjoy your favorite media devices with improved comfort and ocular health protection.

Blue light is a natural phenomenon, it is present in daylight and helps us to stay awake, however, excessive amounts can have adverse effects on eye health and circadian (sleep) rhythms. Our exposure to this High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) increases with the use of LCD and LED screens, smartphones, and tablets. Our body’s natural defenses may not be enough to protect against long-term eye damage.

Benefits of RECHARGE

  • RECHARGE reduces blue light exposure by 30% in the HEVL spectrum
  • Provides a measure of protection from the risks of HEVL
  • Suitable for lifestyles with higher blue-light exposure (e.g. video gamers, students, office workers)
  • Enhances contrast with less visual strain

Dr. Jeff Sciberras, your trusted Mississauga Optometrist, is offering several promotions to help protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and blue-light:

  1. For adults:  Purchase Sensity photochromic progressive lenses and get a second pair at 50% off.
  2. For children 16 and under :  Buy one pair of lenses with either Sensity technology and/or Recharge coating, receive the second pair of lenses at no charge.
  3. For patients 16 and older :  Buy any pair of digital single vision lenses with Sensity photochromics, get the second pair of lenses at 50% off.*
  • Valid prescription required.
  • Complete frame and lens purchase required.
  • Purchase must be made before December 31st and for the same prescription in both pairs.
  • *Lower priced pair offered at 50% off.
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