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Myopia Control

Myopia and MiSight

What is myopia? Myopia is caused by elongation of the axial length of the eye. This causes light rays to focus at a point in front of the retina for objects that are far, rather than directly on the retinal surface. This means distant objects are blurred.  The greater the myopia, the nearer objects are before they become blurred.  To explain, someone that has a prescription of -1.00 has a focal point of 1 meter,

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Eye Health

A Canadian Dry Eye Company Highlight

Montreal-based Candorvision, a division of Candorpharm Inc., is based out of Montreal and develops high-quality ophthalmic medications and medical devices. Patient safety and product tolerability are paramount to the founder’s mission. Candorvision was founded in 2012 by Dr. Frank Heidemann, a German-Canadian pharmacist. He moved to Montreal to establish Candorpharm with the aim of making proven European pharmaceuticals and medical devices available to Canadians. They purposely eliminate potentially harmful excipients like preservatives and phosphates from

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Dry Eye

Thealoz Duo: 2 Drops in 1 for Dry Eye

Have you ever wondered how some organisms can survive, and actually thrive, in dry environments like the desert?  The secret with certain plants is their ability to produce a bioprotectant called Trehalose.  Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar found in many plants, such as the Rose of Jericho, pictured above (also known as the Resurrection plant).  Its unique properties enable survival in conditions of extreme dehydration, freezing, and U.V. radiation. Trehalose is one of the

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Contact Lenses

Scleral Lenses – What’s the fuss about?

Scleral lenses are custom made, large-diameter gas permeable contact lenses designed to vault over the entire cornea and rest lightly on the white of the eye, called the conjunctiva and sclera, below.  These specialty lenses hold a tear reservoir, which continuously “bathes” the surface of the eye. This tear reservoir helps to heal the surface of the eye in conditions where the ocular surface is damaged due to moderate to severe dryness.  They are also used in cases of irregular

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Specific Eyewear

Many of us are experiencing neck and shoulder pain from working on a computer for countless hours.  This is especially prominent among people that wear progressive or bifocal lenses. This is because your progressives are general, all-purpose lenses that provide you vision for all viewing distances.  Just think – you have a specific area in your lenses to see the news ticker scrolling on the office T.V. 20 feet away, your colleague sitting across the

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Eye Exams

Online Eye Consults: What You Need to Know

With the changing social landscape, Dr. Sciberras now provides consultation services online through video technology. The concept of getting an eye health consultation online is rather new, so we have prepared this article to explain how Dr. Sciberras provides online eye consults and the process involved. It’s simple and right for the times. Registration and Consent   An online eye exam consultation begins with some of the same procedures that you would expect when visiting the

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Eye Safety

March Is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Every March we observe workplace eye wellness month to bring attention to the wide prevalence of workplace-related eye injuries. We also take this time each year to remind everyone to make protecting their eyes at work a priority, and to consider ways that they can prevent themselves from getting a work-related eye injury. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, about 200 Canadians sustain a work-related eye injury each day. This doesn’t

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Macular Degeneration

ARMD Awareness

A.R.M.D. – What does it stand for? Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD or just AMD) is an eye disease and leading cause of vision loss among people 60 and over in developed countries. It occurs with the degeneration of the retinal pigment epithelium and ultimately photoreceptors of the macula, which is the small, central area of the retina responsible for central vision. It is estimated that 8% of people around the world exhibit signs of ARMD

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Dr. Jeff Sciberras – 2020 Mississauga Top Choice Optometry Clinic

Mississauga, ON — February 7, 2020 — Top Choice Awards has announced the 2020 Top Choice Award Winners as your city’s most trusted businesses. Dr. Sciberras and staff are proud to announce we have been crowned the winner of the Top Choice Optometry Clinic for 2020, making it two years in a row as Mississauga’s Top Choice. We set high standards for comprehensiveness of care, quality of service, professionalism and fair value. This could not

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Dry Eye

Dry Eye Syndrome: Everything You Need To Know

Dry eye syndrome is a condition caused by a lack of moisture or lubrication in the eye. It typically affects adults, with incidence increasing with age and can progress in severity if not treated. However, several remedies do exist to treat dry eye syndrome and to provide relief. It’s important to understand the most common causes and symptoms of the condition, and to seek treatment in a timely fashion from an eye care specialist if

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