The Need for UV Protection
Transition Lenses

Dr. Jeff Sciberras’ Amazing Transitions Lens Offer

LIGHT REACTIVE LENSES, also known as Photochromic lenses, adjust to changing UV light exposure by darkening in bright sunlight outdoors and fading back to clear indoors, ensuring maximum visual comfort in all circumstances. They protect the eyes by absorbing harmful UV light, which is known to contribute to: cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid tumors, pinguecula and pterygium formation. Sensity Sensity photochromic lenses by HOYA are light-reactive lenses equipped with Stabilight Technology, taking photochromic lenses to a new

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Eye Exams
Macular Degeneration

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) & Low Vision

Sight is one of our five senses and the one people are most fearful of losing, but often taken for granted. Less than 50% of adults have ever had an eye exam. Most people think if they are not having blurred vision or eye discomfort, then they don’t need an eye exam. Nothing could be further from the truth. February is an excellent time of year to reflect on your eye health and vision, being

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Lazy Eye

What does ‘Lazy Eye’ mean?

You probably have heard of amblyopia being referred to by its more generic name, lazy eye. Amblyopia describes the condition of an eye that does not develop its full potential or best possible visual acuity (resolution limit) commonly known as 20/20. Amblyopia is a visual disorder due to the eye and brain not working well together and develops at an early age in an eye that otherwise appears anatomically/physically normal. It is the most common

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Choosing the Best Lenses for Your Glasses

The many options for lens types and coatings can leave you feeling overwhelmed when it is time to purchase new vision correction. Choosing the right lenses is important in many respects: final appearance, functionality, safety, durability, adaptability and comfort. This guide will help you understand some of the options when it comes to determining the best way to have your lenses customized. Optical Lens Material Glass As the first material to be used in eyeglass

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How to Correct Astigmatism

What is astigmatism? Astigmatism is a type of focusing or refractive error caused by the shape of your cornea and the eye’s internal crystalline lens. Your eyes don’t focus light on the retina, leading to out of focus images that leads to blurred or shadowed vision. Astigmatism can either be present at birth or develop (or resolve) over time, but it is treatable. Astigmatism is a common eye condition that can be diagnosed through an

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three best rated pediatric optometrist
Mississauga Optometrist

Dr. Sciberras: Top Rated Pediatric Optometrist in Mississauga

Dr. Jeff Sciberras has been voted the 2019 Top Rated Pediatric Optometrist in Mississauga by We’re proud to offer pediatric eye exams for children of all ages. Eye care for children is especially important for diagnosing and preventing eye diseases or issues and ensuring their eyes continue to develop properly as they grow. Children are not always able to understand or explain properly when they are experiencing vision problems. Ensuring they receive regular eye

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